How To Recover Google Account ? – Step By Step Guide !! (Recover Deleted Gmail Account Fast)

It is indeed normal to forget our Google account passwords at some point in time . If you are handling different Gmail accounts in one system or multiple devices then you may sooner or later may likely to face this situation .

And this is really frustrating if you have any important details stored in the forgotten Google account . No more worries now , in this post we will explore the steps to recover your old Google account with a few simple steps .

The steps will be the same for reactivating any deleted Gmail account within a few seconds . We will further demonstrate the steps in both mobile and desktop PC for your ready reference .

How To Recover Deleted Gmail Account in Desktop PC ? (When the old Gmail id is known)

For quick recovery of your Google account (password or email forgotten) , you may just follow the below steps :

1. Go to in any browser

2. Type ‘recover your gmail account‘ in the search bar

3. Now click on the first result i.e. Account Recovery or you may directly click on this link for Google Account Recovery page .

recover google account

4. Now enter your Gmail address for your deleted Google account (you may also provide the phone number here)

5. If you have entered a wrong email id , it will throw an error as shown below (here we will assume that you know your Google account address)

recover google account

6. Enter the deleted Gmail address correctly again and click on ‘Next

7. Now it will prompt you to enter the last password associated with this account (provided you remember the same :-p)

Note : Here the last password doesn’t mean the last recently used password, rather you can enter any old password associated with that Gmail account

8. Enter the password correctly  , and finally click on ‘Next

9. If the credentials are correct, then you will be successfully signed in the respective device with that recovered Google account .

Note : If you already forgot your last password , then you may try using other methods for validating your identity to Google . Just click on the link ‘Forgot Password‘ then follow the steps (you will be asked to authenticate yourself by entering one code that you receive either in mobile or in your recovery mail address) . Then finally set a new password and sign in to your old Google account .

Now we will see the steps for reactivating any deleted Google account . For this, the first prerequisite is that you should try the below steps for any deleted Google account .

So once you have deleted a Google account , just follow the below steps to  reactivate the deleted account :

1. Click on the url Google Account Recovery

2. Enter the deleted Gmail account address correctly

3. You will then see the message ‘ This account was recently deleted and may be recoverable. Click Next to attempt to restore this account ‘ , now click on the option ‘Next

4. Enter the last remembered password for this deleted account and click on ‘Next‘  (hope you remember the same)

recover google account

5.  Finally it will display you a message showing a success message.

recover google account

In the above steps, it is assumed that you perfectly remember any of your last password (which may rarely happen ideally). If you don’t remember the password  , then follow the steps as below (follow steps till step 3 as above then read below steps):

4. Once you click ‘Next‘ , now you will see the box asking you for your last remembered password . Since you don’t remember password , click on the option ‘Try another way‘ present at the bottom left corner

5. Now without your password , you have two options to recover the account i.e. via your associated mobile number and by using your recovery email address (that you must have given at the time of signing up for the first time)

6. Provided you have your phone number handy , select the option ‘call‘ or ‘text‘ (you can even click on the option ‘I don’t have my phone’ , to use the recovery email id as well to receive the code)

recover google account

Note : If your mobile number is not already registered with the Google account , Google may further ask you to confirm the mobile number manually (it will show you the last two digits for your reference)

recover google account

The same thing may repeat for your recovery email address as well , you just need to confirm your recovery email id to proceed further :

recover google account

7. Select either of the option to verify your identity , in our case we select ‘text‘ (text message will be sent to your mobile number)

recover google account

8. Enter the code correctly in the space provided (there is an option to resend the code as well)

9. Finally click ‘next‘ and set your new password

recover deleted Google account

10. Once you set your new password , click on ‘Save Password‘ . Now finally you will see the below message :

recover deleted Google account

Now you are signed in to the respective device . You are once again free to use the Google account .

How To Recover Any Google Account Quickly  ? ( When You Forget Your Old Gmail address As Well !! )

As seen above the steps we have mentioned are for the used case when you remember your old Google account . But now we will see the more complex case wherein you forget your old Gmail account id as well . So just sit back and follow the below steps carefully :

1. Click on the url Google Account Recovery 

2. Now click on the option ‘Forgot Email

recover deleted Google account

3. In the next screen , you have to enter the recovery email id or the mobile number associated with that account .

recover gmail account

4. We will first put our recovery email address

recover gmail account

5. In the next screen , it will ask you the first and last name associated with that deleted account (atleast you remember this :-p)

recover gmail account

6. Click on ‘Next‘ and enter the verification code sent to your recovery email address

recover gmail account

7. Go to the Gmail account that you gave as your recovery email id , get the code as shown below

recover gmail account

8. Now enter the code in the recovery page and click on ‘Next

recover gmail account

9. Now you can see all the Google accounts which have its recovery Gmail account as the one you have entered . Search for the Gmail account that you want to restore.

recover gmail account

10. If the deleted account is not there in the list , then click on option ‘Use another account‘ at the bottom .

11. Again enter the recovery mail or mobile number to get the code and repeat the same steps as above .

Note : In the above steps we used the recovery email address method , if you give the recovery mobile number , then you will receive code in that mobile number respectively .

How To Recover Google Account In Your Mobile (Android/iOS) ?

The steps will be the same on any mobile platform as well . So just follow the below steps in your mobile :

1. Open the Gmail app in your mobile (tap on the app)

2. Now tap on the three horizontal lines at the top left corner

3. Now tap on the profile icon to see all the signed in Google accounts in the device (if any)

4. Now tap on the option  ‘Add Account‘ at the bottom

5. You may be now asked about the email choice , select Google in the list

6. Now finally you can view the Sign in page , you will be prompted to enter the old Google account address here

7. If you don’t remember the Gmail id , you can enter your mobile number as well (associated with that Google account)

8.  There is also the option of ‘Forgot email‘ at the bottom . (once you tap on it , it will ask you for the recovery mail id or mobile number as already seen in the above section )

9. Here we assume that you remember the old Google address ,enter the gmail id correctly and click on ‘Next

10. Enter password carefully (again there is an option of ‘Forgot password’ , once you tap on it then again you need to provide the recovery mobile number or email id)

11. Once enter password , tap on ‘Next

12. Finally you will see some terms and agreement page , just tap on the option ‘ I Agree

13. Voila !! you are done , you can now access everything related to the newly signed in Google account in your mobile .

How To Recover Forgotten Google Account Without Any Recovery Mobile Or Email Address ?

Now consider a situation where you don’t have your recovery mobile number and email address handy . So is it the end of the world for you ?

Not really . We have several other ways to recover your forgotten Google account . Let us see all one by one here :

1. So once you go to the Account recovery page , enter the old Gmail account address in the space provided . (you may even enter ‘Forgot Email‘ option)

recover gmail account

2. Then in the next screen , click on the option ‘Forgot Password’

recover gmail account

3. Now click on the option ‘Try Another Way‘  (provided the last password you don’t exactly remember)

recover gmail account

4. Again click on the option ‘I don’t have my phone‘ (provided you don’t remember your mobile number)

reactivate gmail

5. Now again click on the option ‘ Try another way ‘ (provided you even don’t have the recovery email address)

reactivate gmail

6. Again click on the option ‘ Try another way ‘ then you will be asked to enter alternate Gmail id to get some verification requests by Google

reactivate gmail

Click on ‘Next‘ , verify the email address by entering the correct code that you have received in your entered email account .

reactivate gmail

Then finally after verification, you will see this screen

reactivate gmail

Normally it will take some time to verify your identity . Just relax and wait for some time .

Now the next method is about the entry of your first and last name. For this go to your Gmail application and follow the steps as below :

reactivate gmail

1. Open Gmail app in your mobile/desktop , then click on the profile icon

reactivate gmail

2. Click on the option ‘ Add another account

reactivate gmail

3. Then click on ‘Use Another Account’

reactivate gmail

4. Now click on ‘Forgot Email

reactivate gmail

5. Enter the phone number you might remember

6. Enter first and last name , then finally click on ‘Next

reactivate gmail

7. You can now see all the Gmail accounts associated with that number

reactivate gmail

I hope you really liked the steps given above to recover your old deleted Google account without any issues . Stay tuned for more interesting stuff in this series .

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