Best 10 Free Task Management Software For Teams Online !! ( Jira And Basecamp Alternative)

If you are managing a large team in your company, then you might surely be aware of the various tasks you need to incorporate daily to achieve the project milestones. So in order to organize and manage tasks within your team, it is indeed important to rely on some free best Task management software online .

So if you are searching for the best task management tool, then you are in the right place. We will also look into the Jira and Basecamp alternatives later in the post. Sit back and enjoy reading .

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What Exactly is a Task Management Software ?

From the name itself, it is pretty much straightforward, a task management tool is nothing but a technologically advanced and innovative application software which assist you to carry your project tasks efficiently, seamlessly and aid in achieving the desired results .

A task management tool must allow you to delegate and prioritize respective tasks to get the required results in a piecemeal manner.

Features of task management software !!

Before we look into the list of these tools, it is worth noting that a brief overview of the features these tools must posses should be known to us.  So let us first understand the aspects which we should be careful about at first .

1. Delegation : Every task management tool should have the feature of delegation. In your team, it must allow to set a delegate for doing a specific task .

2. Scalability and Flexibility : All the task management tools must be scalable in adapting the new task and workflows assigned. Also, it should be flexible in customizing the task as per the client and project requirements .

3. Priority Set Up : This is also a feature that must be available in a good task management tool . You should be able to set priority for the desired tasks right from the main dashboard and achieve completion within a specific timeline .

4. Team collaboration and Seamless communication :  A free task management tool should allow unhindered communication between various stakeholders within a team. The workspace should be available to all the desired team members (as per the access in a specific task)

5. Document sharing: A free task management software must also furnish the provision of file sharing securely within a team . Further, it should not allow other outsiders to get access to the shared documents in the workspace at any cost .

Now let us look into the list of the task management software available .

Top 10 Free Task Management Software Online !!

So here comes the main topic of this post , we will initially look into the list and then dig deep into each of these in detail later in the post. The best task management software list is as given below :

  • Quire
  • Todoist
  • Backlog
  • RationalPlan
  • Clarizen
  • Taskworld
  • Accelo
  • Any.Do
  • Things
  • ClickUp

Note : The above list is not in a specific order. We will now look into each of these in detail. So be patient and enjoy reading further .

Jira and Basecamp are also one of the best project management software , we have already seen in my previous post . Now here we will concentrate more on their alternatives respectively. Without wasting further time let us look into these task management solutions now.

1. Quire – Task Management Software Review

Quire is a first-class task management tool, where you can manage tasks and workflow in a tree-like model. In this, you can precisely set the priority for the completion of any specific tasks. 

You can easily convert the ideas into tasks. Then you can decide which bigger tasks you want to break down into smaller pieces of tasks .

Best 10 Free Task Management Software For Teams Online !! ( Jira And Basecamp Alternative)

All the tasks will be converted into a well defined nested hierarchical structure .  it offers a well-managed task manager , where you easily set priorities for the tasks .

Apps present for both Android and iOS platforms. You can easily generate reports for viewing progress and can work with the Kanban boards efficiently  .

There is also a provision of creating sub-tasks of a much bigger task. This is completely free, so just go and try this tool right away .

2. Todoist – Task Management Software (Good Basecamp Alternative)

Todoist is basically simple and easy to use task management tool for an individual and also for a small to medium business users . Here you can easily track and manage tasks in the form of well-structured to-do lists. you can even create sub-tasks and can even set the priorities for different tasks gradually.

Best 10 Free Task Management Software For Teams Online !! ( Jira And Basecamp Alternative)

One of the biggest merits of this is the simple intuitive UI for any novice user . It is a powerful task manager loaded with great features to boost productivity as well as organize tasks.

You can also do the scheduling of tasks . It has an Android and iOS app available . You can easily sync all your work and tasks cross applications seamlessly.

Its pricing includes a plan ranging from free to $2.99/month per user . Also it is a good alternative for Basecamp . 

3. Backlog – Task management tool review ( Jira Alternative )

Backlog is the most feature-rich task management software present on our list . You can easily create subtasks and manage tasks/workflows efficiently . With this tool, you may view the task progress by using the useful Gantt Charts and Burndown charts . It is also available in mobile devices (Android and iOS).

Best 10 Free Task Management Software For Teams Online !! ( Jira And Basecamp Alternative)

It has built-in Git and SVN repositories , also have a collaboration with built-in Wikis. You can easily assign and create tasks via email notification. You can easily create custom status reports , and make use of the Karban boards to view regular progress and get updates .

You can easily optimize workflows using this cloud-hosted tool. You can further use it as Jira alternative. 

4. RationalPlan – Task management tool review (Basecamp and Jira Alternative)

RationalPlan is a task management tool, which can be used for reporting , scheduling, and managing projects/tasks efficiently .

You can even do estimation and resource planning with this tool easily. You can even do financial management and budgeting for the construction of any business.

Best 10 Free Task Management Software For Teams Online !! ( Jira And Basecamp Alternative)

RationalPlan runs on multiple platforms including Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux. It offers different levels of functionalities for its variety of RationalPlan suite includes RationalPlan Single, RationalPlan Multi, RationalPlan Viewer, and RationalPlan Server .

You can even do cost tracking, and get automatic notification updates . It also offers to cost reports and portfolio management additionally. You can further use it as Jira and basecamp alternative

5. Clarizen – Task Management Software (Basecamp alternative)

Clarizen offers well-defined progress tracking and task management by using the advanced dashboards in the software . You can easily manage budgeting and based on the SaaS business model. There is also an email reporting feature associated with this .

Best 10 Free Task Management Software For Teams Online !! ( Jira And Basecamp Alternative)

This tool is known for its great level of customization options.  You can easily share files and data through dashboards, you can even do progress tracking and task assignment can create reports and tasks. You can further use it as a Basecamp alternative.

6. TaskWorld – Task Management Tool Review

TaskWorld is a cloud-based Software as a service (SaaS) task and project management software. You can easily track overall progress along with the delegation facility within your team. It also offers central documents repository, where you may easily assign and receive specific tasks from team members .

Best 10 Free Task Management Software For Teams Online !! ( Jira And Basecamp Alternative)

It also provides advanced analytics features from within the dashboard along with the workspace snapshot and workspace filter. You can even view the project burndown and burnup chart. There is also a provision of drag and drop file attachment .

7. Accelo – Task management software review !! (Basecamp and Jira Alternative)

Accelo is an automated cloud-based task management software , used for scheduling tasks and it also offers forecasting options along with .

It will display the due and other upcoming tasks directly in your dashboard right away . There is also an integration of useful third-party applications with this tool like the Dropbox, Google drive , Outlook etc .

Best 10 Free Task Management Software For Teams Online !! ( Jira And Basecamp Alternative)

It also offers billing management services along with the estimation service . With this, you can even create tasks and update tasks for various projects along with the invoicing and billing details .

You may also set the due date for any scheduled tasks fro within the dashboard . This is a good alternative for Jira and Bsecamp . 

8. Any.Do – Task management tool

Any.Do is a basic task management tool , where you can manage various tasks based on today , tomorrow , upcoming tasks . It is a true to-do list app on our list . You can even set specific reminders and track time-based tasks easily . It has both an Android and iOS app available .

Best 10 Free Task Management Software For Teams Online !! ( Jira And Basecamp Alternative)

Everything you can manage by adding tasks in your calendar . You can easily access on mobile, laptop, desktop, tablet, and even your watch. Your tasks are automatically synced across all of your devices, giving you ultimate control .

You can even set recurring tasks and you may filter out the tasks using dates directly in your calendar . You can use this as a Basecamp alternative. 

9. Things – Task Management Tool 

Things are basically a simple yet useful task management solution where you can easily set a task based on different time slots . the biggest demerit of this application is that it is available only for Mac OS devices and not in other OS-based devices .

You can even create sub-tasks and each day is divided into separate time slots i.e. morning, evening, and afternoon modules . 

Best 10 Free Task Management Software For Teams Online !! ( Jira And Basecamp Alternative)

You can even set a checklist and reminder settings . You can set all the tasks based on the calendar dates.  you can make comments and subtasks easily . 

10. ClickUp – Task Management Solution Review !! (Basecamp and Jira Alternative)

ClickUp is a feature-rich task and project management software . With this, you can easily create and manage tasks and workflows . You can customize the notifications based on the desired requirement like on change of any task or update in workflow etc . You can even easily prioritize tasks based upon the deadlines and client demands precisely . 

Best 10 Free Task Management Software For Teams Online !! ( Jira And Basecamp Alternative)

You can even get reminders on the completion of any deliverable milestone . you can even add comments to any specific tasks . There are different views in this tool namely the box view, list view, etc for clearly displaying the workflow analytics and task progress . 

You can even set custom access rights to your teammates , along with the Gantt charts to view the deliverable progress efficiently . Pricing plan starting from free to $5/month per user. ClickUp can be indeed used as the best Jira and Basecamp alternative.   

Free Task Management Software Online – Final Words !!

 A well-crafted feature-rich task management tool is indeed an inevitable aspect of any progressive Agile team . So if you really want to implement any of these advanced management solutions in your project tea, you should first read the reviews very well .

Every tool is different and maybe specialized in some specific attributes. So just be precise in your requirements and search for the perfect tool meeting your needs .  

basecamp alternative

All these tools generally have a free trial period , so you can surely make use of it and then eventually take a well sagacious decision. Let me know your viewpoints in the comments section . Stay tuned for more interesting stuff in this series . 

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