The Ultimate Guide For Amazon Paypal Usage [ Using Paypal On Amazon Verified Tricks ]

As we all know that Amazon is a renowned multinational eCommerce firm. Whenever we think of online shopping ,  the first thing that strikes our mind is for sure the mighty Amazon . Amazon is indeed trustworthy for its timely delivery and a wide range of varieties in its shopping experience.

So if you have loads of money in your Paypal account , and you are very keen to use it in your favourite shopping destination then read on. Let’s understand the Amazon Paypal usage in detail .

Before proceeding, let’s see a common scenario, you earned a huge chunk of Paypal balance by selling some old stuff in Ebay , now you want to utilize the Paypal account balance in your favourite wishlisted item in Amazon.

You click on ‘Add To Cart ‘ , then in the product checkout page , you get a rude shock , there is no option for Paypal balance. Really frustrating right . Don’t worry just sit back and continue reading to know the mystery tricks for your Amazon Paypal usage .

Does Amazon Accept Paypal  ?

The straightforward answer is NO . But with some legally verified tweaks , you can use it in the Amazon site without any hindrance . 

Amazon already accepts loads of other payment services such as the debit cards , credit cards and also their own established Amazon pay services and many more. But strangely they don’t have any kind of agreement with Paypal which may encourage you to use your Paypal account balance in their site .

Everything You Want To Know About The Amazon Paypal Usage [ Tips And Tricks ]

Why We Cannot Use Paypal On Amazon ?

In order to investigate this, you may have to dig inside further . We all know that Paypal is indeed an inevitable part of Ebay for a very long time . Moreover, Ebay being the arch-rival of Amazon , it is very much clear that Amazon don’t want to promote the usage of Paypal in its site any further .

However, the biggest reason (at least what I think) for the Amazon to not allowing Paypal services in its den is to encourage its customers to use its native ‘ Amazon Pay ‘ services .

For those who don’t know that Amazon has its own wallet based services , and also it is directly competing with the likes of Paypal , Google Wallet etc payment services .

Everything You Want To Know About The Amazon Paypal Usage [ Tips And Tricks ]

You can further use the Amazon Pay balance in many other third party websites , much in the similar lines of Paypal balance .

So hopefully it’s now amply clear that , you should not expect your favourite online site Amazon to integrate the usage of Paypal in its payment gateway even in future . But who cares, you can still indirectly use your Paypal account balance legally in your Amazon account (or any other site which doesn’t accept Paypal directly ) .

So now a valid question comes to your mind. Let’s find out .

How Can You Use Paypal On Amazon ( how to pay with Paypal on Amazon ) ?

So here comes the trickiest (just kidding !! ) part of all . In total we gonna see the three working trick in order to use the Paypal account balance in your Amazon site. Many of you may still associate Paypal services with the Ebay , which is indeed common. But surely you can use it in Amazon as well with a little tweak .

1. The first method is the simplest of all. You have to just go to some trustworthy Gift Card site . In this third party site , you can use your Paypal account balance (hopefully) .

Then go ahead and buy the Amazon gift card with all your accumulated Paypal account balance straightaway . Now after buying the Amazon Gift Card , you can add it in your Amazon account balance by using your Amazon gift card details . (Please buy the Gift Card from some legitimate voucher site like egifter and not the fraud ones).

Everything You Want To Know About The Amazon Paypal Usage [ Tips And Tricks ]

Also in some cases, you may directly buy the Amazon gift card directly from the Ebay site using your Paypal account balance straight away .

These sites are not alone, as big online retailers like Newegg and Walmart also sell Amazon gift cards . Further, you may even get these gift cards for less price if there presents any discount .

2. The second method is using your very own Paypal cash card . This cash card is backed by Mastercard . So you may use this card directly while paying for any item in the checkout page .

But note that this trick works as long as you have sufficient balance in your Paypal account .   So this is basically our very own simple debit card.

Everything You Want To Know About The Amazon Paypal Usage [ Tips And Tricks ]

Further you can easily load your Paypal cash card by many ways like the normal bank transfer and loading money in your Paypal account .

3. The Last method is also very similar to the second method . In this, you can formally buy a whole new Paypal business card for regular purchase using your Paypal account balance .

Now, I personally suggest you for this Paypal business card if you are a regular buyer from the online sites using your Paypal balance.

Everything You Want To Know About The Amazon Paypal Usage [ Tips And Tricks ]

You may already be knowing that Paypal offers a separate business account privileges over and above the perks it offers for its normal account holders . So if you are a business account holder , then you may directly opt for this method and first, you must acquire your Paypal business card .

One of the biggest advantages for this method is that you can avail a range of benefits that comes with it. You can get extra cashbacks on purchasing your Amazon gift card , which is like the cherry on the top experience .

So Does Amazon Take Paypal Account Balance  – The Final Takeaway

The one-word answer is a big NO . But with some tweaks, you can easily use it for shopping and other things in any online sites as seen above .

In the nutshell , we can say that in order to pay in Amazon with Paypal is always a two-step process everytime . So you need to spend some extra time doing that .

Similarly you can easily spend with your Paypal account balance in any online store or in any physical store with your Paypal business card or the Paypal cash card . There are increasingly many sites nowadays accepting the Paypal payment during checkout .

And if some still don’t accept the Paypal payment , you can straight away go and buy some gift card from any voucher selling site for that specific site (Really simple right !!) .

Hope you really like this post regarding the Amazon Paypal usage for buying anything with your Paypal balance . Stay tuned for more interesting stuff .

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