What Is The Difference Between Salesforce And SAP CRM ? (Salesforce Vs SAP CRM – Head To Head !!)

Salesforce is undoubtedly the best and also the market leader in the customer relationship management services field . On the other hand, we have SAP CRM tool , which is also great in terms of offerings and provides the same outcomes.

 SAP is well known for its ERP services and it is a market leader as the provider of ERP services in the manufacturing processes. In this post, we will explore some key differences between the two CRM providers i.e. Salesforce vs SAP CRM in detail . 

SAP Vs Salesforce CRM– Some Of The Key Differences !!

The main difference between SAP and Salesforce is the mode of their deployment . SAP essentially start its CRM as an on-premise software, on the other hand, the Salesforce started very early in the cloud space .

Salesforce is one of the first CRM service providers that started Saas (software as a service), and until now it leads from the forefront into cloud-based business applications and also in the cloud-based CRM provider .

Note : This situation has changed a bit since SAP entered cloud based services a few years ago . SAP CRM was mostly an on premise system until a year back, a software was required to run the CRM

The next thing is the CRM providers UI and intuitive design . Based on the customer reviews , it is very much evident that Salesforce wins this round .

As the UI and various navigation controls are pretty easy and clean to use at first for any novice user . Whereas SAP platform is complex initially but once learnt , you will definitely enjoy the CRM services it provides . 

What Is The Difference Between Salesforce And SAP CRM ? (Salesforce Vs SAP – Head To Head !!)

Matching up to the Salesforce offerings and functionalities depends on the integrations that can be done with the platform, as the CTI add ons for contact centers and marketing apps(these all offered by Salesforce as inherent features).

SAP, on the other hand, offers end-to-end solutions as shown by its complete ERP/CRM package, making it a one-stop-shop for your business software needs.

While the SAP CRM manages business areas like financial management, procurement, production, sales management, service management, and supply chain and distribution, the Salesforce CRM, on the other hand, manages other areas of business including customer service management and marketing. 

Salesforce ranked number 27 in Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For in 2012. It is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the S&P 500 index. Salesforce Starting from $25 per month/user, SAP Business One Starting from $1,000 per license. 

Salesforce Vs SAP CRM – The Conclusion !!

It is difficult to give judgment as to which one is the winner , but you may consider the question first “Which software is right for your needs and budget?”. Further none of this two CRM software is precisely “better” than the other.

Both offer industry-leading features and a scalable (also flexible) platform, as well as the ability to custom-build a unique solution with optional modules as per the requirement. 

Both the software solution is better in their place, it simply depends on the personal choice and the business requirements. Being a business owner, it’s your personal call to choose the software solution considering your budget & requirements.

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