How To Easily Create And Delete The Discord Login Credentials And Discord Account In Just 2 Minutes

As we all know that the Discord application is one of the best tools to share and chat with your group of friends while playing games or sharing any video content seamlessly .

With this software, we can even connect calls and share our monitor screen with the peer associates in Windows , Android , iOS, and MAC platforms efficiently . In this post, we will mainly concentrate on the steps required to create and delete any Discord login credentials (Discord Account)  easily .

So in order to use the Discord application, you first have to create the Discord account and further generate your correct Discord login credentials . In this post, we will understand the steps for creating the Discord account . So without wasting much time , now let’s see the steps involved in this process.

How To Create The Discord Account in under 2 Minutes ?

So before you connect with your friends in Discord application, you shall first create the Discord account . Follow the steps as given below :

1. In the browser, first you have to click on the URL

2. On the registration page , you are supposed to give the correct details regarding your email address , username, and set your desired password .

How To Easily Create Discord Login Credentials And Discord Account In Just 2 Minutes

3. Once you finish giving the details on the registration page , you should then click on the ‘Continue’ button at the bottom .

4. There is also an option to log in to the Discord application . If you already have an account with the Discord application , then click on the option ‘ Already have an account ‘  (present below the ‘Continue’ button) . It will then ask your Discord login credentials. Then just login and enjoy the Discord application .

5. Now once you have done the successful registration in the Discord application , it will then ask you to verify the email address you gave during the registration process .

6. Now open your mailbox , (with the same mail id you gave during registration) then you search for the mail id you received from the Discord application .

How To Easily Create Discord Login Credentials And Discord Account In Just 2 Minutes

7. Once you open the mail you received from the Discord , you have to click on the ‘ Verify Email’ option present in the mail itself .

8. Finally, after verifying the mail , you can now fully use your newly created Discord account with much ease .  So sit back and enjoy the wonderful world of Discord features .

Now since you successfully activated your Discord account , you may (at some point of time) want to either disable / delete the Discord account . Let us see the steps now for the same .

Steps To Delete / Disable The Discord Account

So now let us see the steps required to successfully deleting a Discord account . (if you want to turn off the Discord account for sometime , then disabling the Discord option should work for you) .  So first let us understand the steps required for disabling your Discord account (so once you disable , after returning back again it will not time for you to start) :

1. Login to your Discord account , then you need to navigate to the ‘User Settings’ section by clicking on the icon in the home screen of the Discord application .

2. In the setting section , click on the ‘ My Account ‘ option .

How To Easily Create Discord Login Credentials And Discord Account In Just 2 Minutes

3. Then click on the ‘Edit’ option in the accounts section .

How To Easily Create Discord Login Credentials And Discord Account In Just 2 Minutes

4. Now finally at the bottom section , you can see the option to delete and disable , so now click on the ‘Disable Account’ option . (this is present adjacent to the delete account option) .

Once you click on the disable option , your account will get disabled . And if you want to disable the Discord account in your android/iOS mobile ,  then you may follow the below steps :

1. First login to your Discord application , click on the triple white lines in the app (top left corner) , then you have to tap on the icon to open the user settings screen .

Then tap on the account option. Now after clicking the accounts option ,  you can see the delete and disable the option in the ‘ Accounts ‘ screen .

Once you select either of the options, you will be taken to a support page .

Then you further realize that you have to initiate a request ticket from your mobile in order to delete the Discord Application . Unfortunately, this is the only way you can disable/delete your Discord application from your mobile .

How To Permanently Delete Your Discord Application

Before the deletion of your Discord application , you have to first transfer the server rights to some other owner . Either you have to transfer ownership off to a trusted source or delete the server.

If there is no need to transfer the ownership, then you may directly delete the server right away. So for deleting the Discord application, follow the steps as below :

1. Follow the same steps as above till step number 4 . Then at the bottom of the screen  you an select the option as ‘ Delete Account’ which is present adjacent to the  option ‘ Disable Account ‘ . So finally you delete the associated Discord account as desired by you .

Hope you really enjoyed this post . Stay tuned for more exciting stuff in this series .

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